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Plastic waste – A problem for the 21st century

Plastic waste in the ocean

Plastic waste and its impact on our environment

Plastic is increasingly becoming a serious problem in the 21st century. This is not due to the raw materials or the production processes, but to the fact that globally a share of 32% of all plastic packaging is not disposed of correctly (whether by landfill, incineration or recycling) but ends up in the environment in an uncontrolled manner. [1] Assessments made by the Federal Environmental Agency estimate that up to 110 million tonnes of plastic waste are in the oceans, and an additional 7.5 million tonnes are added every year! [2]


This problem will not solve itself, as the complete decomposition of plastic takes several centuries. Before decomposing plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller particles, that ultimately find their way into the human body through the food chain. Even biodegradable plastics only decompose reliably under the defined conditions of industrial composting.[3]

The plastic found in our oceans is mainly coming from the land and is being brought in to the seas by the rivers systems. Whilst Southeast Asian countries are a focal point, [4] also the North Sea is estimated to receive over 20,000 tons of plastic a year via its river outlets according to information from the BUND. [5]

So we can all make a contribution to the containment of plastic waste in the seas!

Paper – A good alternative to plastic

The best strategy for combating plastic waste in the oceans is indisputably to do without plastic products. Of course, in the short term, we will not be able to banish all plastic products from our lives, and in the long run, there will probably always be applications where plastic are indispensable. But even today there are viable, 100% biodegradable alternatives made from renewable raw materials in various areas: namely from paper.


Paper instead of plastic: Examples of alternative paper packaging

Paper – The packaging material of the future

Paper bags instead of plastic

Paper bags


The most well-known example: the carrier bag made of paper instead of plastic.


Although it is often rightly argued that the paper bag is energy-intensive in production and thus not sustainable, once released into the environment, the paper bag does disintegrate quickly, thereby forming nutrients for new plants.


Paper based grease-proof food packaging

Paper based grease-proof food packaging


In the area of grease-proof food packaging, there are high-quality paper products on the market that are produced without the addition of fluorine-containing chemicals or plastic-containing coatings, and are therefore, 100% compostable.


> A good example: Probarrier Nature

Barrier papers to provide protection against harmful substances

Barrier papers to provide protection against harmful substances


Food packaging is primarily used to protect food from external influences. A recently discussed topic in this context is the migration of mineral oil constituents from packaging (especially from printing inks) into food.


An effective barrier against these substances is plastic. But even in this area there are now alternatives made of paper that are completely free of plastics.


> A good example: Probarrier Nature

Paper drinking straws

Drinking straws


Drinking straws, which are used in huge volumes, especially in the fast food industry, can easily be made from paper. A food-safe kraft paper is wound into a hollow tube and glued.

Barrierepapiere gegen Mosh und Moah

Heat Sealable Paper


A recyclable alternative to PE-coated Papers and Plastic for packaging of food and non-food articles on existing packaging lines.

DREWSEN Special Papers – The name says it all.

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As an authority in the production of specialty papers, we are a leader in the development of food-grade paper packaging. In particular, our versatile barrier papers protect foods from various pollutants – and equally, helps reduce the environmental impact.


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